Tweaks and updates

Here is a list of stuff I need to do and some things I need to do. I will try keep it up to date as I go.

  • Remove tickets email
  • Add pictures from 2013
  • Add programmes from 2013
  • Add poster on front page
  • Add past programmes
  • Update the programmes page
  • Fix mobile website
  • Get content on page 2013
  • Get content on page 2011
  • Get content on page 2009
  • Get some pictures for about page
  • Get some pictures for history page
  • Photo album
  • Update History
    Also in the history you should only have one show for Ron Catell in 1978, then Sue Pepper in 1981 and 1985.. There were no other shows in this period till my first show in 1988.
  • Add some of Will’s photos for the 2013 page (from dropbox)
  • Add advertising rates to website
  • Decide what to do with Gallery/Past Shows photos
  • History stuff:

suggest that when Tony Palmer is mentioned in the text a further not is made that he was a past member of the London Gang. Ron Catell was also a former Producer of the Edinburgh Gang Show.